Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see a doctor from the London Endocrine Centre?

Please phone the telephone number of the doctor that you wish to see. We recommend that you have a referral letter from your General Practitioner or Specialist. However our consultants are happy to see patients who wish to refer themselves, although you should check with your insurance provider as to whether they require a referral letter prior to approving reimbursement of the consultation.

Where and how soon will my appointment be?

We are primarily based in central London’s medical heartland but clinics and surgery occur in other locations depending on your disease and scheduling. The waiting times vary but we will endeavour to provide an appointment, even at short notice, to suit your needs. Full details on how to get to us will be provided.

How much does a consultation cost?

The cost of your initial and any follow up consultation as well as that of any investigations will be detailed to you by our assistants at the time of booking.

Will I be covered by my insurance company?

The consultants at The London Endocrine Centre are senior consultant specialists at the forefront of their field and on the UK specialist register. Each is recognised by all major UK and international insurance providers. Depending on how comprehensive your policy is, a part of the specialist's professional fees may not be covered and you may be liable for this. You should check with your provider before your appointment.

Where will tests be done and when?

Investigations – either radiological or blood tests are performed on site (utilising a trained nurse in the case of blood tests) or in local specialist hospitals according to the specific needs of the conditions being investigated. Some specialist endocrine blood tests are carried at The London Clinic due to the expertise of its laboratory and experience in some assays. More specialist tests such as those to assess the functional reserve of your adrenal glands (Synacthen test) may be performed at the Harley Street centre.

Can I bring a friend or relative to the consultation?

You may attend your consultation with a friend or relative if desired. This can be helpful to you as an extra pair of ears can help remember details of what has been said and the management plan. We also are happy in special cases for patients to attend with their personal general practitioner.

What should I bring with me to the consultation?

Many patients attend for a second medical or surgical opinion. We strongly recommend that as much of the previous correspondence as possible and tests already performed be brought to the consultation or sent in advance. This helps us provide the best advice and avoid duplication of tests.

Is the consultation confidential?

All consultations are strictly confidential. Details are passed exclusively only with your consent. We do consider it good practice to allow us to liaise with your General Practitioner and/or referring specialist.

How will I get my results?

Your results will normally be discussed with you at a follow up consultation when they will be explained to you. We provide a careful discussion of your management plan and endeavour to make sure that you fully understand the pros and cons of the recommendations. All our consultants firmly believe in patients being kept fully informed about their condition and actively participating in their management decisions.